How Much Does It Cost To Get Someone Out Of Jail On Bond?

North Carolina General Statutes § 58-71-95 Prohibits bondsman from charging a fee (premium) that exceeds 15% of the face amount of the bond. Bondsman are licensed and regulated by the state in which they reside and fees (premium) are not to be excessive, unfair or discriminatory in any way.

In North Carolina Bail Bondsman have the discretion to charge 15% or less based on different factors regarding the defendant. There is usually not much variation in price between different bondsman due to the fact that they must remain in the confines of the law. Typically bondsman and Above All Bail Bonding charge a fee anywhere between 10-15% depending on the type of crime. Examples include but are not limited to if there’s flight risk that might be involved, employment status, prior arrest history, lawyer involvement, payment options, residency and collateral just to name a few. So overall the cost to get someone out of jail does vary based on certain factors and the Bail Bondsman that you hire.


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