Bail Bond FAQ’s

  • What is a bail bond?
  • Co-signers?
  • Failing to appear in court?
  • Bail bond premium and is it refundable?
  • Who determines the bail amount set?
  • Using collateral?

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What is a bail bond?

A bail bond or surety bond is a contract between the bail bond company, the courts, the co-signer (person signing for the bond on the defendant’s behalf) and the defendant. It’s a monetary guarantee that a person who has been charged with a crime will appear in court for all scheduled court dates. Once a bond has been posted the accused is released from custody of the jail and is now under the custody of the bail bond company and the co-signer until the court case has been satisfied.


A co-signer is the person who takes financial responsibility for the bail bond if the accused fails to appear in court.

Failing to appear in court?

If a defendant fails to appear/misses a court date before the court, he is considered a fugitive and a bench warrant/order for arrest is issued. If you think the defendant may miss their court date contact your attorney and bondsman as soon as possible. Otherwise the defendant will be reported as a fugitive to the police, the co-signer and the bail bond company forfeiting the bond.

Bail bond premium and is it refundable?

The premium (fee) represents the bond agents compensation for their services provided to bond the defendant out of jail. The premium (fee) is a non-refundable charge. The Premium (fee) shall not exceed 15% of the bond amount.

Example: $1000 Bond

  • The fee that can be charged is $150
  • $150 is 15% of the $1000 Bond
Who determines the bond amount set?

The courts are responsible for setting the bond amount. Bond is normally set according to previously set guidelines that specify bail amounts. If you do not know the bond amount the Bail Agent can get it when they contact the jail. Once you know the bail amount, our agent will advise what it will cost to post bond.

Using Collateral?

Collateral is something of value (cash, property) other than the premium a bondsman may require to protect against loss and ensure the defendant attends all of the scheduled court dates. Collateral is refunded 100% at the conclusion of the case.

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