The Bail Bond Process



Call one of our local Bondsman/agents in Greensboro NC to assist you with the bail bond process of releasing your loved one.

Information to expedite the bail bond process:

The Bail Bondsman will ask for specific information about your loved one/relative who is being detained:

What is the full legal name of the defendant?

The date of birth of the defendant?

What county and city is the person being held?

What is the charge?

How long has the defendant been in custody?

How much is the bail amount?

What is your relationship to the defendant?


(Additional information may be required- Previous Arrests, Failure to Appears, Personal History, Work History and Residency Information.)

Contact the detention center:

The Bail Bondsman will contact the jail/detention facility and make arrangements to have your loved one/relative released. The Bail Agent will contact you as soon as all arrangements have been made.

Please Have Patience:

Your Bail Bondsman may need to contact you several times throughout the bonding process so you will need to make sure to provide a good working phone number to be reached. Most detention centers are slow in processing and it may take several hours for the defendant to be released. (Average of 2-4 hours)


The Bail Bondsman charges a percentage(fee) of the total bond amount not to exceed 15% and this is known as the bond premium.


Does the Defendant need an attorney?

At Above All Bail Bonding we strongly recommend that the defendant seek the advice of an attorney as quickly as possible.

Its important to have a defensive attorney as an advocate for you because their role begins long before stepping foot inside of a court room. The first few hours or days after an arrest can and likely may be the most important moments of the entire case.

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